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Financing of the association SSAC


Funding is provided by the members of the association. We were already able to create great Results with a small budget. But in order to finance comprehensive prevention and the provision of information about cannabis and to gain an even greater presence, we naturally wanted the manufacturers to levy taxes. However, this is difficult for us to achieve due to the naturally occurring conflicts of interest. So we are extremely happy about every donation, no matter how small.

We will always do our best to promote our interests and passion, such as providing critical and unbiased information to consumers, but also to sales staff and other parties, and we hope to do many more great information events, advice and brochures to be allowed.

Because many myths have been established over the years and the catching-up research about the plant has been lost in trends or only rarely reached manufacturers and customers, as long as the new findings did not have a marketing-relevant effect. We are happy to be the intermediary between research and practice.

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IBAN / bank details:

Swiss Safe Access

Gässli 21 E

CH-2552 Orpund

IBAN: CH16 0900 0000 1485 9144 2

Postfinance AG

Konto Nr.: 14-859144-2

Many many thanks.
Stay healthy and happy
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