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About CSCM:
Cannabis represents a new paradigm for wellness / health. The unstoppable progress in the cannabis industry is unmistakable and access to medical cannabis is regulated sustainably according to the needs of the patients.
CSCM - Cannabis Supply Chain Meeting - The Swiss conference for an exchange between professionals in the field of medical cannabis in Switzerland:
The aim of the Cannabis Supply Chain Meeting is to educate professionals about medical cannabis and its uses. We offer participants from medicine, research and production a platform for exchange.
(P2P approach; Professors to Praticiens and Praticiens to Patient.)
In this way, you can keep your specialist knowledge up to date, establish sustainable relationships and get to know the subject better.
The CSCM takes place every 3-4 months, each with a current / popular topic, which is presented by an expert. The meetings are presented by the SSAC association and sponsored by the Gardinova company.

We are happy to be the intermediaries between the emerging branches of this tree.
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